Country Profiles

PPP’s network of researchers contributes up-to-date profiles of specific countries. Each country profile examines recent trends related to UN and non-UN peacekeeping operations, the country’s internal decision-making process on whether to contribute uniformed personnel to the UN, the rationales driving its contributions, the major barriers to contributing, current challenges, key domestic champions and opponents, major capabilities and caveats, as well as providing a list of further reading. All completed profiles are available in .pdf format below.



      Albania         Canada           France       Malaysia       Peru  Sweden
      Argentina         Chile           Germany       Mexico     Philippines  Switzerland
      Australia          China           Ghana       Mongolia     Poland  Thailand
      Austria         Croatia           India        Nepal      Rwanda  Turkey
      Bangladesh         Denmark           Indonesia       Netherlands     Samoa  United Kingdom
      Belgium         Ethiopia           Ireland       New Zealand     Serbia  United States
      Brazil         Finland           Italy       Norway     South Africa  Uganda
      Bosnia and   Herzegovina         Fiji              Japan       Pakistan     South Korea  Uruguay