Peacekeeping Data Trends

Jun 12, 2013 by

Peacekeeping Data Trends

Trends in Uniformed Contributions to UN Peacekeeping: A New Dataset, 1991–2012, by Chris Perry and Adam Smith, is the third paper of the PPP thematic study series. The report introduces the new IPI Peacekeeping Database, identifies key trends in contributions to UN peacekeeping over the past two decades, and suggests opportunities for further research using this online dataset. Presenting their initial findings from the data, the authors explore regional and subregional trends and countries’ contribution rationales, such as whether aspiration for a permanent Security Council seat influences patterns of contributions.  They also demonstrate both a broadening and narrowing of the “base” of troop- and police-contributing countries. While the number of countries contributing uniformed personnel has increased dramatically since an earlier peak in 1993—from 73 countries in 1993 to 115 in 2012—the base has narrowed in another way: contributions have been shared less equally between countries since 1993, with smaller numbers of countries contributing larger shares of personnel than the rest.

The paper can be downloaded here.

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