United Nations Peacekeeping Pledges

The demand for UN Peacekeeping is at an all time high. Member States and civil society continue to call on UN Peacekeeping to do more in increasingly inhospitable, volatile and dangerous environments. Today’s UN Peacekeeping missions are unprecedented in both the scale and scope of their mandates, facing increasingly dangerous situations where peacekeepers are being deployed where there is no peace to keep and face regular attack. In an effort to fill the capabilities gap, Member States were called to pledge necessary capabilities to ensure the success of UN peacekeeping missions.

Summary of pledges made in 2017

In November 2017, pledges were made for peace operations in Vancouver, Canada. Below are the pledges reported at the Canadian Defense Ministerial.

Detailed Pledges made in 2017 by Country


UN Member State Pledges (to)
Belgium 2 NH90 helicopters, C-130 aircraft, ISTAR platoon, intelligence analysts
Kazakhstan Infantry company, staff officers and military observers
Thailand Engineering company assigned to UNMISS in 2018, field hospital, groundwater drilling, rapid deployment staff officers, organization of a multinational peacekeeping exercise, exchange of instructors and students with a number of countries, delivery of course on sustainable development approaches in peacekeeping
Vietnam Replace a Level 2 UK country hospital in UNMISS in 2018, mine clearing engineering company
Lithuania Force protection unit for MINUSMA
Finland Special force unit, 20 police officers ( 20% female), capacity building in Africa, instruction and education, amphibious task unit, deployable laboratory for research on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons, continue to participate in UNIFIL beyond 2018
Ethiopia Infantry battalion, 2 formed police units
Netherlands Deployment of long range reconnaissance group for MINUSMA (Dec 2016), 150 civilian experts, 15 police officers, cohost a preparatory meeting for Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial on “The Protection of people at risk) in Kigali, expertise concerning medical aid, the fight against IED, intelligence, technical research, judicial services and integrated approaches,   expert seminar on intelligence in peacekeeping, specialized police teams for MINUSMA (25%-40% female), training for MINUSMA: Civilian Protections and gender training in mission
Bangladesh 3 Engineering company (one rapid deployment level, one construction), level 2 hospital, telecommunications company, 3 infantry battalions, 2 incorporated police unit, combat logistics battalion, special force company, explosive and ammunitions neutralization company,  transport company, telecommunications intelligence company, police security unit, rapid reaction force, special operations forces, support company for force protection, airdrome service unit, constituted police unit (female), police security unit, military police, staff officer, military observer
Norway C-130J transport aircraft to return to MINUSMA in 2019 in the framework of a prolonged multinational rotation of military aircrafts in Mali, continue to offer camp installations at MINUSMA for all rotation partners,  New C-130J at MINUSMA (by bilateral discussions)
United Kingdom Extension of technical support at UNMISS for a year, launch of a chief of staff network for Women, Peace and Security
Czech Republic 2 UN military experts on missions (MINUSMA), 2 military staff officers (MINUSMA)
Republic of Korea Increase financial support: Conflict Prevention Fund and Peacebuilding Fund, engineering unit, Level 2 hospital, increase in the participation of woment; exceed 15% target, strive to establish and manage human resources pool for selected women police officers
Poland Military engineering general support unit (up to 50 pers), staff officers/ military observers/ liaison officers (up to 30 pers)
Jordan Medical hospital, infantry/mechanized infantry battalion, special operations company, EOD/IED unit, medium utility helicopter unit in MINUSMA, airfield support unit to MINUSMA
Peru Infantry company (250 pers), 5 women warrant officers for staff officers at any mission, 9 women warrant officers and non-commissioned officers, for administrative positions at any UN mission
Philippines 3 force HQ support units, 90 UN military observers/staff officers (60 male/30 female)
Sri Lanka Female military police company, all-female force protection company, 4 MI-17 helicopters for Mali, quick reaction force company
Senegal Transport aircrafts, level 2 hospital, infantry battalion, formed police unit (gendarme), formed police unit (police)
Egypt Mechanized infantry battalion, heavy transport company, Level 2 hospital, military engineering company, formed police unit (140 pers), To MINUSMA: combat transportation battalion, additional military police platoon, airborne special forces company, anti-mine armored vehicles, pre-deployment specialized training, including on protection of civilians, child protections, and sexual abuse/exploitation, encourage the participation of women Staff officers in various UN peacekeeping functions, extensive training for women cadres to compete for leadership positions in UN missions, hosting training and capacity building events
Italy 4 utility helicopters, engineering airfield construction and maintenance, transport airfield units, including ground handling services, port operations unit, transport company, special operations force detachment, force protection unit, Role 1 hospital, strategic airlift hospital, strategic airlift, tactical UAV, infantry battalion, signal company, engineering company (EOD capable), outreach unit, landing platform dock ship, education and training
Armenia Engineering company with Counter IED capabilities (140 pers), level 2 field hospital (70 pers)
Zambia Rapid deployable battalion (smart pledge), medium utility helicopter unit of 3 MI-17 helicopters, special forces company, 3 female engagement teams
Tanzania Infantry battalion, combat engineer company, military and police units, quick reaction force company, female engagement platoon in each battalion, military, police and correctional staff officers
India Level 2 hospital with 18 specialist doctors to UNMISS (2016), infantry battalion group, engineering company, signal company, deployment of 15% female military observers and staff officers, 10 military staff officers, 10 military observers, rapid deployment (60 days): infantry battalion, engineering company, signal company, transport company, training
Morocco Level 1 medical unit, aeromedical evacuation team, Level 4 hospital (Rabat), 35 officers (15 staff officers, 20 military observers including women)
Cameroon Infantry battalion, military police unit, formed police unit
Argentina 20 military observers, 30 staff officers, level 2 hospital (63 pers), Section of engineers (116 pers including one water section, one command and service group and one security group), reinforced mechanized infantry company (190 pers), individual police officers, formed police unit (130-150 pers), training, SWAT-type police group (12 pers), specialized police teams (3-4 pers) specializing in criminal intelligence, organized crime, project management, training, forensic science and criminology
Indonesia Infantry battalion (800 pers), formed police unit (180 pers including women), 100 individual police officers (40 women)
USA Pre-positioned equipment for rapid deployment in Africa, provided counter IED training in MINUSMA and AMISOM, signed acquisition Cross Servicing Agreement with UN, Delivered radio interoperability system to MONUSCO and UN signals academy, deploying environmental friendly technology to optimize water use, waste management and power generation in peace ops, training, developed open source GIS situational awareness tools Geoshape and Arbiter, 54 staff officers,2 10-person Sector Advisory Teams in MINUSMA, communications assessment
Canada Contribution of police and up to 600 military personnel, tactical airlift support, aviation task force, quick reaction force, new police missions being examined, Elsie Initiative, training
Nepal rapid deployment: special ops forces company, infantry battalion, infantry battalion (850 pers), engineering company (260 pers), military police company (132 pers), staff officers and military observers, 2 additional formed police units for 2018-2019 (280 pers), police officers and forensic experts, training to other TCC and PCC at Nepal’s Peacekeeping Training Center, offering Nepal’s Peacekeeping Training Center for organizing major training events, support for the revising of UN manuals
France Training for trainers, French and leadership, French translation, financial contribution, cooperation between Operation Barkhane and MINUSMA
Japan Women personnel in ARDEC training, deploy gender advisers as instructors, consider dispatching women peacekeepers to UNMISS, coordinate fixed-wing aircraft on PCRD to enable airlift support, training support, financial contribution to training for female military officers
Sweden Soon to reach 15% women observers and staff, reached 20% police personnel deployed, early warning radar to MINSUMA, contribution of 250 pers to MINSUMA, operating capacity for C-130 contribution to MINUSMA,  gender training, infantry company, training to MINUSMA
NATO Support mitigating IED threats, support in target areas, promote female participation
Kenya 2 infantry battalions (850 pers), engineering squadron, communication information system (CIS) squad, staff officers and observers as requested, training
Austria Renewing pledge for up to 10 staff officers and up to 5 military observers to MINUSMA, support to POC training, firefighting unit for UNIFIL, 1 military observers to MINURSO, commitment to UNIFIL community outreach,2 peacekeepers in 2018, POC training, nuclear biological chemical (NBC) team and Staff officers to UNIFIL (2018)
Ireland Training
Mexico Women peacekeeper to MINURSO, increase deployment of women personnel, broaden participation in peacekeeping
Germany Mobil training, 13 high-end military capabilities for UN peacekeeping ops, including air transport, reconnaissance, CIMIC, mine clearing, and a Level 3 field hospital, training
Australia Exceeded 15% female participation, funding for training, funding for POC, raise PCRS level 3, funding for medical division, support training
Rwanda Special operations force company to rapid deployment level, infantry battalion to rapid deployment level, partnership with US: rapid deployment engineering unit and level 2 hospital
Portugal Participation with Transport Aviation Unit Rotational Concept in MINUSMA, Quick reaction force in MINUSCA, participate in EU training in Mali and CAR, presence in INAMA and in Verification Mission in Colombia, contribution to Trust Fund for Victims of SEA
Turkey Training in Turkey
Benin Strengthen company-sized infantry unit in MINUSMA to light infantry battalion (600 pers), infantry battalion to MINUSCA, level 1 field hospital, engineering company, light demining teams, increase deployment to UN military observers and staff positions, increase number of women deployed
Uruguay Infantry battalion, riverine company (10% women), 15 staff officers, 20 military observers, 1 canine unit, 3 water plants
China 8000 standby forces, training for female peacekeepers, helicopter unit in UNAMID, training in French, demining equipment to Cambodia, Laos, Egypt and ASEAN, cooperate with other countries on equipment, $100 mil military aid, assist training in Africa, military medical, engineering and transportation units
Pakistan Riverine platoon, training teams, air support unit, 50 staff officers, EOD disposal unit, training, 50 military observers/staff officers to UNHQ, Counter-IED training, aviation unit, tactical unmanned aerial system unit (TUASU), signal company, canine platoon, 3 formed police units, infantry battalion to rapid deployment level, logistic battalion to rapid deployment level, engineer company, level 2 hospital to rapid deployment level, increased deployment of women
Romania Infantry company (178 pers), Explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) Group (30 pers and 4 working dogs, transport aircraft (aircrews and technicians), 11 staff officers, up to 100 military observers, 4 transport helicopters starting in 2018
Mongolia Engineering company
Uganda Special forces company, infantry battalion, engineering company, formed police unit
Cambodia 2 demining companies, engineering company (rapid deployment), military police unit (rapid deployment)
EU Increased financial support to African Peace Facility, support for G5 Sahel, administrative arrangements between EEAS and DPKO/DFS, facilitate cooperation between EU/UN, cooperation on rapid response, international conference on G5 Sahel, training and capacity building
Croatia Engineering company to deploy to UNIFIL
The Gambia Infantry battalions (850 pers), force protection company (180 pers), military police company (132 pers), military observers (5), staff officers (5)
Colombia 16 police officers to Haiti, 1 police officer to Guinea-Bissau, 4 military observers, joint task force combining the three military services and national police totaling 900 pers (760 military, 140 police/formed police, 8% women)
Ghana Mechanized infantry battalion, signal/communication squadron, naval patrol unit, riverine unit, aviation unit, Level 2 hospital, aero-medical team (AMET) to MONUSCO, independent infantry company to UNMISS
Bhutan Force protection company at rapid deployment level, formed police unit/guard unit
Nigeria 3 infantry battalions, level 4 hospital, EOD company
Fiji Mechanized company, mechanized battalion for UNIFIL, formed police unit
Chile Preparing a helicopter unit and a level 2 medical team, deployed staff officers to MINUSCA, preparing an engineering unit, reigsters with PCRS, looking for opportunities for cooperation, form alliances with like-minded countires on WPS, up to 40 military and police observers for Verification Mission in Colombia, French language training
Ukraine 7 Mi-8 helicopters, 4 mi-24 helicopters, national contingents (400 military pers)


Summary of pledges made in 2016

The following information is based upon declarations made in 2016. There is limited public data available on pledges which have been delivered upon.

Detailed Pledges made in 2016 by Country

UN Member State Pledges (to)
African Union Build to self-fund 25% of AU peace operations
Argentina Movcon unit (air), mobile military hospital, water wll drilling engineering unit, engineering company
Armenia EOD/counter-IED company (long term), Level 2 hospital
Australia Use of C-130 and C-17 aircrafts for strategic airlift, capacity building for Troop and Police Contributing Countries, counter IED training
Austria Military community outreach unit, firefighting capacity (UNIFIL)
Azerbaijan Infantry battalion, staff officers
Bangladesh Helicopter unit, infantry battalion, Level 2 hospital, engineering company, transportation company, port operations unit, maritime unit (frigate), maritime unit (offshore patrol vessel), shore-based radar unit, special force unit, riverine unit, airfield construction unit, signals company, 3 formed police units, capacity building for African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership, training and technical support for POC, gender and human rights issues, 20 staff officers
Belgium Combine arms tactical subgroup, intelligence surveillance target acquisition and reconnaissance detachment, transport aircraft C-130, transport aircraft A-321, 4 military utility helicopters 109, 6 fighter aircrafts, unmanned air system unit, maritime unit, maritime support unit
Bhutan Force protection unit
Brazil Infantry battalion, level 2 hospital, capacity building for troop contributing countries, 20 military observers, 20 staff officers
Burundi Infantry company
Cambodia Engineering company, military police unit, 2 demining companies
Canada 600 personnel
Chad Formed police unit
Chile Helicopter unit, engineering company, medical unit
China Helicopter unit, standing formed police unit, medical, engineering and transportation capacity, demining training for 2000 personnel, $100 mil in AU support, 8000 standing troops
Colombia Infantry battalion (mid-term), infantry brigade (long-term), 58 individual police officers, 10-12 staff officers
Croatia Engineering company, pre-deployment training for female police officers
Czech Republic Special forces unit, specialized rescue team, police experts, medical capacity and equipment
Denmark Increase military contribution to MINUSMA, 20 police officers, signals training, survey on POC, funding to special political missions, 27 military intelligence officers, $3 mil to MINUSMA fund
Egypt Infantry battalion, Level 2 hospital, heavy transport company, combat cavalry company
El Salvador Engineering company, airfield landing and maintainance unit, 5 staff officers
Ethiopia 2 infantry battalions
EU Strengthen cooperation on rapid response, including modalities for a bridging or parallel EU operations, enable mutual EU-UN support in theatres of operations and hand-over of wquipment and facilities, enhance/exchange information and analysis, increase EU support to African Peace Facility from €750 to €900 mil
Fiji Infantry battalion, infantry company, 350 additional infantry to existing mission, personal security platoon, field engineering platoon, medical team,individual police officers, correction officers, formed police unit by 2018, police investigation team of 3-5 officers to investigate SEA in the field, ungrade of infantry company un UNDOF to mechanized infantry company, upgrade infantry company to UNIFIL to battalion and then to mechanized infantry battalion by 2018-2019
Finland Continued involvement in UNIFIL until at least 2018, special forces company, staff officers, amphibious task unit, deployable chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear lab in 2018, 20 police officers, capacity building in Africa
France Train 80000 african troops, 83 soldiers for MINUSCA to operate unmanned aerial vehicles/drones, French language training for 25000 troops
Macedonia Utility and attach helicopter
Georgia Infantry deployment
Germany Start-up kits for military equipment, training at mission and in HQ and mobile military training teams, civilian engineering capacity (standing on 72 hours notice), 45 UN police including specialized teams for 4 missions
Ghana Helicopter unit, infantry battalion, signals/communication company, naval patrol unit (2 boats), riverine unit, Level 2 hospital, 2 formed police units
Greece Amphibious shit (LST), infantry company, transport aircraft (C-130)
Guatemala Military police company
Hungary High thermal imaging (with operating personnel), 10 advisors
India Infantry battalion, signals company, engineering company, level 2 hospital, 3 formed police units with increased femal participation, technical experts, training support for new TCCs
Indonesia Infantry battalion, formed police unit of 100 (40 female)
Ireland Infantry company with HQ staff
Italy Multirole helicopter squadron Level 2, infantry battalion level 2, engineering company, special ops task group level 2, force protection company level 2, tactical UAV level 2, transport company, signal company, transport airfield unit, airfield construction unit, police capacity building
Japan Strategic airlift, support new Asian TCCs, civilian professionals training, increase staff officers
Jordan Formed police unit, infantry battalion
Kazakhstan Infantry company (motorized)
Kenya Engineering company, infantry battalion
Republic of Korea Engineering company, equipment for a level 2 hospital
Kyrgyzstan Level 2 hospital
Lithuania Water purification unit
Malaysia Infantry battalion, engineering company, 2 formed police units, 100 individual police officers, training at Malaysian peacekeeping centre
Mexico Increase troop and personnel deployment
Mongolia Engineering company
NATO IED survivability support, education and training, train TCCs, support rapid deployment mechanisms (exchange best practices and develop certification system), explore strategic airlift and logistical support
Nepal Rapid deployment battalion, reconnaissance company, guard unit, military police company, level 2 hospital, special forces company, increase fmale participation (military and police), engineering platoon, training to other TCCs, formed police unit
Netherlands Extend deployment to MINUSMA, training support on POC< support UN strategic Force Generation Cell, intelligence capacity building, host follow up conference on Kigali principles, long range recon patrol task group for MINUSMA, individual police officers, civilian experts
Nigeria Infantry battalion, regional hospital
Norway Specialized police team for investigation and transnational crime, C-130 aircraft for 10 months, camp facility (MINUSMA), staff officers, consideration of a combat engineering company with Counter-IED cpacbility in 2017, capacity building for East Africa standby force
Pakistan Infantry battalion, unarmed unmanned aerial vehicle squadron, k-9 platoon with up to 6 pairs of dogs, helicopter unit, Level 2 hospital, level 3 hospital, signal company, engineering company, transport company
Peru Infantry company
Philippines Force HQ  support unit
Poland Explosive ordinance disposal engineering group,  Military Engineer General Support Unit – capabilities dedicated to explosive ordnance threats (Explosive Remnants of War, Improvised Explosive Devices), military observers and staff officers
Portugal Infantry company (quick reaction force), transport aircraft (C-130)
Romania Formed police unit, explosive ordinance disposal group (2016), 4 helicopters (2018), transport aircraft
Russia Doubling of Russian police officers to UN missions
Rwanda 2 infantry battalions, 2 attack helicopters, level 2 hospital, formed police unit (all female)
Senegal Attach helicopter unit, transport aircraft
Serbia Rapidly deployable engineering company, medical evacuation unit, staff officers,
Sierra Leone Infantry battalion by 2016, 3 formed police units, 2 special weapons and tactics units, 2 police guard units
Singapore 4 military utility helicopters (Super Puma), 2 transport aircrafts (3-130), medical teams
South Africa Military threat assessment unit
Spain 2 helicopters, formed police unit, counter- IED training, formed police unit training and doctrine development, standby aviation and maritime logistic hub, sponsor other TCC deployment, air and sea avacuation
Sri Lanka 4 rapidly deployable battalions, 2 special forces companies, counter-IED company, force protection company, combat convoy battalion, 2 combat transport companies, 2 formed police units, combat engineering company, training
Sweden Extend deployment to MINUSMA, increase individual police officers to 1% of Swedish police force, police experts specialized in organized crime and sexual anf gender-based violence, capacity building in medical fields and other areas, assist in defining medical standards
Tanzania Infantry battalion (motorized), engineering company (combat)
Thailand Engineering company, Level 2 hospital, ground water well drilling team, training
Tunisia Infantry battalion, military police squad, medical platoon, transport aircraft (C-130)
Turkey Transport aircraft, 5 staff officers, naval training
Uganda 2 infantry battalions
Ukraine 2 utility helicopter units, attack helicopter unit
United Kingdom UK military support to UNMISS: logistics, role 2 medical treatment facility, military design and construction force, capacity building for UN operations in Somalia, short term training teams for Somalia missions
United States Support to UN leadership development, Enhanced training to prevent sexual exploitation and other conduct and discipline issues, Assistance in synchronizing capacity building for peacekeepers, Support for UN rapid deployment, and advanced technology to improve the efficiency of UN operations
Uruguay Infantry company, special infantry platoon with K9 unit, C-130 aircraft, riverine patrole company, training and pre-deployment support at Uruguayan peacekeeping centres
Vietnam Level 2 hospital, engineering company (long-term), staff officers
Zambia Infantry battalion, demining platoon, 2 military utility helicopter (MI-17), Third party targeting helicopter unit

Summary of pledges made in 2015

In 2015, pledges amounted to more than 40,000 troops and police, as well as critical enablers including more than 40 helicopters, 22 engineering companies, 11 naval and riverine units, and 13 field hospitals. The following information is based upon declarations made in 2015. There is limited public data available on pledges which have been delivered upon.

Detailed Pledges made in 2015 by Country


UN Member State Pledges (to)
USA Double the number of military advisers (as of Aug 2015: 34), $2 million for training African forces for peacekeeping, $2 million for training on countering improvised explosive devices, provide greater logistical and engineering support
Rwanda 2 attack helicopters, level 2 hospital, all-female Formed Police Unit & 1600 troops
Uruguay 2000 troops, aircraft, K-9 platoon for explosives, training and 12 naval vessels
Bangladesh Infantry battalions, utility helicopters, engineering & riverine units, level 2 hospital, Police Units, training
Netherlands Support protection of civilians training, intelligence capabilities & funding for planning
Japan Support to training incl. civilian professionals, more staff officers, engineering capacity, rapid deployment
Pakistan Infantry battalion & police, K-9 unit, UAV, field hospitals, transport, aviation & maintenance
Indonesia 2700 troops, police in 9 missions, training, composite battalion to UNAMID by end of year, Police Units
United Kingdom 70 specialized troops in support of AMISOM, up to 300 troops for UNMISS
China 8000 standby force, training, de-mining, $100M for AU, engineering, medical, transport, police support
Colombia Gradual contribution starting with 58 certified police & going up to 5,000 troops in the long term
Ethiopia Commits to implement the Addis Ababa conference outcomes, incl. provision of 2 battalions and training
Italy 1 helicopter squadron, 1 engineering company, 1 infantry specialized battalion, support to training
India 850 troops, 3 FPUs including women, critical enablers, technical personnel and training
France Training African troops to build capacity & provide French language training
Sri Lanka Counter-IED, engineering, infantry, special forces, formed police, force protection & transportation capacity
Korea Level II hospital to the AU, engineering unit & increase financial contributions
Chile Helicopter and medical unit to strengthen peacekeeping
Ghana Mechanized infantry battalion, Level II hospital, signals squadron, 2 FPUs, transport helicopter & naval patrol
Finland Amphibious task unit, special ops forces, military observers, police, CBRN lab & training capacity
Vietnam Engineering company, Level II hospital & staff officers
Mexico Build on existing commitments with infantry troops & new training center
Uganda Additional infantry and motorized battalions
Sierra Leone Infantry battalion, 500 police of which 300 female, 2 Formed Police Units & SWAT units
Armenia Training for IED counter company
Croatia Engineering company to and continued support for training of female peacekeepers
Malaysia 2 FPUs, 100 police officers, an infantry battalion and engineering unit & capacity building of troops
Norway Transport aircraft, police experts, capacity building with AU, considers combat engineers with counter-IED. Norway will also extend the camp facilities for the headquarters of the intelligence unit in MINUSMA for another 10 months
Georgia Readiness to pledge troops
Czech Republic Troops, special forces & police to strengthen peacekeeping
Thailand Staff officers, engineering company, Level II hospital & ground water drilling team
Turkey 5 staff officers to Mali, 1 transport aircraft on demand to Mali/CAR, military training and maritime security training
Fiji Rapid deployment ops support from coy to btn; light infantry; medical unit Level II hospital; PSD unit; additional police
NATO Counter IED support and access to strategic airlift for rapid deployment
EU Increase in funding in training for African peacekeepers
AU Increase peace missions budget 25% over 5 years; immediate response capacity; Special Envoy for women in conflict
Cambodia 2 demining companies for rapid deployment; hosting regional/int’l demining trainings; regional demining training center
Nepal More female peacekeepers; battalion for rapid deployment; Special Forces and MP companies; Level II hospital
Azerbaijan Staff officers and training for capacity building
Spain More peacekeepers; logs hub; training/protection for counter-IED; build pol doctrine; support women and peacekeeping
Australia Transport aircraft on demand; working with INTERPOL on explosives; and training regional personnel
Germany In-mission training; mobile training teams; putting out THW; additional police and civ personnel; exploring engagement in Mali
El Salvador 5 staff officers; 100 person-unit engineers; 100 person-unit airfield maintenance
Sweden Extend Mali support; 1% pol force for UN; develop org crime and SGBV pol teams; new medical stds; force generation manual
Denmark Pre-deployment training; 12 police officers for Mali; $3MIL for Mali Trust Fund
Brazil 800 soldiers & 200 marines; Level II hospital unit; 20 mil obs and 20 staff officers; activities at peacekeeping training centre
Peru New contribution infantry company; 1 engineering company for CAR for airfields
Romania Increased personnel in peacekeeping; in 2016, 1 transport aircraft; 1 FPU and 1 EOD grp; by 2018 addt’l 4 transport helicopters

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