Thematic Study

Deploying the Best: Enhancing Training for UN Peacekeepers

Alberto Cutillo

Deploying the Best: Enhancing Training for UN Peacekeepers by Alberto Cutillo is the fifth paper in the Providing for Peacekeeping thematic paper series. The report evaluates the UN training strategy for peacekeeping operations, with a focus on pre-deployment training for uniformed personnel. It also includes a detailed case study of the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU) in Vincenza, Italy. The report includes a number of detailed recommendations, including the following:

  • DPKO/DFS and member states should develop a methodology to evaluate the readiness of military contingents for UN Peacekeeping missions.
  • DPKO/DFS should take the lead in coordinating training by setting standards and providing official recognition of high-quality training institutions and curricula.
  • Member states should accept that minimum training standards set by DPKO/DFS are mandatory.
  • The UN, member states, and training centers should develop an advanced methodology to track the quality of trained personnel and to measure the added value of training to peacekeeping operations.


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