Smart Peacekeeping: Toward Tech-Enabled UN Operations

A. Walter Dorn

Smart Peacekeeping: Toward Tech-Enabled UN Operations by A. Walter Dorn is the 13th paper in the Providing for Peacekeeping Series.

As the world’s technological revolution proceeds, the United Nations can benefit immensely from a plethora of technologies to assist its peace operations. Fortunately, significant progress is being made. The UN has adopted a strategy for technology and peacekeeping and is showing the will and the means to implement it. New concepts, such as “technology-contributing countries” and “participatory peacekeeping” through new information technology, can improve peace operations. New technologies can also help UN field workers “live, move, and work” more effectively and safely, creating the possibility of the “digital peacekeeper.” This report provides an overview of technological capabilities and how they are being used, explores progress to date and key challenges, and offers a set of practical recommendations.

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